Thursday, May 19, 2011

surgeron appt.

I went yesterday to see my ortho surgeon who did my knee surgery last Nov. My knee has not gotten back to 100% due to my PCL tear. She had told me after my surgery that 95% of people that tear their PCL don't normally need the PCL fixed, but there is always that 5% of people that must have the tear repaired for the knee to get better and the pain to go away. Well, I have fallen into that 5% group. I am going back to the office tomorrow to see a different ortho surgeon, and all he does is knee ligament tears. I am hoping that I can schedule knee surgery within the next 2 weeks.

This knee surgery will be a BIG deal. From the research that I have done, plus what the Dr. told me yesterday the only way to repair a PCL tear is with a ligament transplant or ligament graft. I won't know all till tomorrow, but my knee won't last much longer without it being fixed.

I have other surgeries to schedule, but my knee is giving me the most issues right now.

Please pray that I can have this done soon, and I will update fully when I know more.

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