Sunday, April 25, 2010

I'm home after surgery

I came home from the hospital this morning. The Dr. came to see me and I was up and walking around. My complications from yesterday are better, but we will be keeping a close watch on my blood pressure today. I am on very high restrictions for the next 6 weeks (no lifting my hands above my head, no pulling on things, no lifting, no bending, no twisting, etc). I will go next week and have the stimulator turned on.

I am in pain, but not alot, I'm more discorforted than anything else.

The hospital was the BEST. It was small, only 23 beds, and there were only 5 patients. Talk about alot of one to one contact with the nurses. The service was the best, the food was great (no everyone gets the same thing, they gave everyone a menu and we could pick and choose from it). They put flowers on all the food trays, all patients got water mugs to go home with. They had a fish/turtle pond running under the building, but one could also walk outside and sit on a bench and look. I totally recommend this hospital. The surgical nurses were great, and everyone was so friendly!!!

Thanks for the prayers, and I will keep you updated over the next few days and weeks. To all those who want to visit, I'm not up for visitors today, but maybe later in the week.

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