Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Surgery Round 1

This week has been the week where all the pieces have fallen into place.

Tomorrow afternoon I am having a colonscopy,endoscopy, and enteroscopy (like the endo, but the scope is much longer). I have to be at the hospital, and my surgery starts at 1:30. The Dr. is doing this to see what is going on inside me, and to hopefully find and retrieve my feeding tube.

I am currently drinking my colonscopy prep drink and I'm having alot of problems keeping the drink down. Please pray that I will be able to keep it down and the Dr. will be able to find the tube.

Secondly, next Wed. the 24th, I will be having my back surgery to hopefully stop my hurting. I will know more about the surgery this week, as I go in for my pre-op.

Please keep me in your prayers as these 2 surgeries come up.

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