Saturday, September 5, 2009

So Many Things

Sorry for the lack of posts, I haven't felt like writing much.

I have an update on my health/care.
A few weeks ago my pain meds were increased & added on to. My main pain med had the dosage increased to 75mcg (micrograms per hr) and I had a secondary pain med added because my pain has gotten worse.
I am thinking that increasing that pain med has caused my sleep to be way off. I am not going to sleep well, sleeping all day/afternoon and up most of the night. My Dr. that I have beening at the pain med. clinic quit, so when I call the office on Tuesday I will have a new Dr., but don't know who yet. My sleep issues are becoming too irregular to go on much longer, so I will be calling the Dr. on Tuesday.
My mom has ordered some more feeding bags, so I will start taking tube feeds again. That will help, because I don't eat much anymore, atleast not enought to sustain me and give me the nutrients I need.
I started on a new, but been on before, anti-depressant and I seem to be doing better in that aspect.
I still haven't needed to go to the ER, but I have come close these past few weeks. I am very proud of myself for not going and for sticking it out at home.
I know that I am doing alot better health wise, except for my sleeping. Once that gets back on track I will feel good.
I am wanting to start volunteering at a local school, but can't do that with my sleep the way it is.

Now, I have some prayer requests:
1. My uncle was in a very bad motorcycle crash last week, and because of that he is having his foot reconstructed. Luckily he had his helmet on, because without it he wouldn't have made it. Please keep him in your prayers, as he has several more surgeries to go and is recovering from other wounds.
2. I little girl, named Brianna, passed away yesterday from T-18. I have talked alot about T-8 in the past and how most babies born with it, don't live past their 1st year, because T-18 is not compatiable with life. Brianna was 2 yrs old. Just making it past a year is a miracle. Please keep her family in your prayers as they deal with her loss, but they were prepared for this as she had been going down hill for several weeks.
3. Sara Rose is a 3 month old preemie, who was born at 27 weeks. She has been at home and thriving, but this past week she was diagonised with bacterial meningitis, a very fatal infection. Please pray that she will make it through this, and for strength for her family.
4. I have added a new prayer button for a little baby named Ryan. He had surgery this week, and is recovering well. Please check out his blog for more info.
5. Gavin, and his family are going through a really hard time right now. Please check out his blog for more info and ways you can be praying. You can get to his blog by clicking on his prayer button to the left.

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Michelle Riggs said...

So sorry you are hurting. I will be praying that the pain medicines work and without making you too tired. It is a hard balance to find.

Pray also for your other requests.