Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday night update

It's late Thursday night. Thunderstorms have just finished rolling through my city. With the thunderstorms brought hail, high winds, lightening, thunder, and 2-3 tornadoes. In my part of town we only got rain, thunder, lightening, and high winds. We need every drop of rain we can get. We are in a stage 4 drought (the worst stage drought a place can have).

I got released from the hospital this afternoon. I went in Tuesday morning about 3am, and was not so easily admitted this time. I am off my pain pill, Dilalulid. But, I am on 100% my pain patch, Fentynal. Fentynal is the strongest pain med on the market. If that doesn't show how much pain I'm in, I don't know what will. I had an endoscopy done yesterday afternoon, and nothing was found to be wrong.
However, the Dr. did admit today that something could be there, but it is not showing up on any tests. He also admitted that my syndrome is so rare, that there is no book that says how things should be handled. Everything that could/can be done in the hospital is happening at home.

I am very out of it, and still don't feel 100% yet. However, life goes on. My family is coming over this Sunday afternoon for Sunday lunch. I or my mom or both of us is taking my dog to the vet on Monday for her yearly check-up.


I DO have a small update on Dakota. She is doing well. She is thriving. One of her nurses posted a private message saying that Dakota is talking, eating, and interacting well with the nurses. Now that her mom is not there, and my guessing is that she had developed a great fear of her mom and that fear had caused her to digress, she is acting how she used to act, before she was hospitalized 80+ days ago. Her mother is not allowed visits for 30-60 days, and even then the visits will be closly monitored by CPS. I don't know where her mom is, I just know she is not at home. I don't know if Dakota is still in the hospital or if she is at home with her father and older siblings.

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