Monday, June 22, 2009

Busy & Birthday Week

This week is shaping up to be a VERY busy week. And this week is also my birthday week.
Today my mom and I went annd ran errands and went out to lunch together and went to IKEA!! I still cannot drive, so my mom is my taxi.
Tomorrow morning I have a VERY IMPORTANT Dr.'s appt. with a great pain management Dr. who uses more than meds to help a patient. His clinic uses bio-feedback theraphy, and acupuncture (thought I'm still not 100% for that). Thankfully he had a cancelation for tomorrow morning, other wise I'd have to wait till August.
Thursday morning I have an appt with MHMR to get me involved with their services they offer. Free or reduced Dr. visits for the low-income population (that's me). Getting involved with MHMR will help to get my depression and anxiety attacks under control.
Friday morning I have an appt. with MAP to get me involved with their services, also for low income patients. But, MAP allows its clients to make appts. with all different types of Dr.'s for free or reduced charges. Getting involved with MAP will help me to be able to see many types of Dr.'s and it will keep be OUT of the hospitals.

Oh, and Saturday is my 28th birthday. But, if all goes well this week, than everything that goes well will be my present to myself. We have been waiting months, if not years to get me into these programs, and it's only a total God thing that it's all happenening this week, my birthday week.

Please pray that all goes well this week, and I will update later in the week when I know more.

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Kristi in Colorado said...

Happy Birthday!!! I hope it is a great one! My 26th birthday was yesterday, so we have the same birthday week. =) I am super glad that some things are falling into place for you. I will be eager to read about how your appointment goes and of course will continue to keep you in my prayers. Good luck!