Thursday, April 2, 2009

Really Good Day & Prayer Updates

I had a REALLY good day today!!!
It started bad. I was suppose to have lunch with a really good friend (she was like an "other" mother while I was growing up), but when I woke up this morning, I wasn't feeling well.
I took some pain meds and rested for a while, and then decided that I NEEDED to run my errands. I had a list of them and it was growing.
I ended up going everywhere today: Blockbuster to return a movie, the post office to mail a Netflix back, the bank, Wal-Mart ( I actually went twice, to 2 different ones), my dad's house ( whom I haven't seen in 2 months, he went to Israel in Feb. and he got me a lot fo cool stuff), Lowes ( to buy some gardening stuff). Then I went home for a while, and then my mom called, and I met her and my grandmother ( and later my aunt and uncle showed up) at the Cracker Barrel. I got a "big dinner", thinking I could eat it, because I hadn't eated anything else today, but couldn't eat but a few bites, because nothing would go down.
I came home, go back into my PJ's, and then made a late night trip to HEB to get some groceries.

I've just felt really good today (other then the intense pain after eating). I've been more up and about today than I have in 6 weeks.

While I've been a home, I've been watching CSI:NY. My fav. of the series. I'm on Season 2, disc 6. There's 4 season's on DVD. I'm half way through.

So, all in all I had a pretty good day. Tomorrow I'm getting my hair cut. First time since Oct. when I cut off 9 inches to give to Beautiful Lengths ( think Locks of Love, but by Pantene).
Prayer Requests and Update on Stellan

I have a couple of prayer requests and an important update on Stellan.

I'll start with Stellan.
Stellan is at 24 hours and counting with no SVT and his heart beating in Normal Sinus Rhythm!
But, he has tested positive for the rotovirus. (stomach flu for kids).
Just because he's been SVT free for 1 day doesn't mean he's out of the woods, he's no where close to that. Check out his Mama's blog for more info.

My friend Emily, is in labor (if she's not yet had) a beautfiul baby girl named Abigail Joy. Emily lost her other baby girl, Miller Grace 18 months ago, and has been on a journey with God to learn about His redemption and peace after such a loss. Check her page for an update on details on Miller Grace's story.

You may have noticed a new prayer button, for a cute little boy to the left of this post. His name is Gavin and he's almost 4 yrs old. Gavin was rushed to the hospital this afternoon, after it was discovered he has some chronic internal bleeding. He is having an endoscopy tomorrow afternoon to see what's going on. Gavin has alot of the same digestive and intestinal problems that I do, so I know what he is going through and how he feels.

Thank you for praying for Stellan and for the ones listed above.

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Emily said...

We're in room 436 and would love for you to stop by. Her procedure is scheduled for 9am and I have no idea what the rest of the day will look like.