Saturday, March 7, 2009

Something Old, Something New

After spending 4 days in the Hospital, I am home. I only had 2 tests ran, but this time around we weren't really testing for anything. The only results were that I have anemia. I am still recovering from spneding 4 days in bed, and the PICC line that was put in, I am having some troubles healing from the tape and the line that was put in, and then taken out.
The conclusion that we came to is this one:
The feeding tube (my J-tube. which is in my small intestine), will STAY in. I will start using it, and start on the smallest feed possible ( and slowly increase my feeds), 1 can a day, which is 8 fluid oz and 285 calories per can. One can will take about 3-4 hours to dispense by using my pump.
For the rest of my food intake I will start eating baby food ( for fruit wise). I am buying a blender/ food processor tomorrow to make smoothies, slushies, to puree some fruits and veggies. I will also be eating soft, non-textured food: jello, pudding, baby fruit, soup, popsciles, etc.
Because I am also watching my salt intake, I will stop eating frozen meals ( not like I gorged on them in the first place). I will watch my soda intake, and try to drink more water and non-sugary juice.
All of my "extra" food that I have and will not or cannot eat, I am donating to a local food bank.

On Monday I am returning to my pain management Dr, for a check-up for my pain. While in the hospital I was getting a HIGH amount of pain meds, which worked.

I enjoy reading people's comments, and apprecaite the prayers.

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Ace said...

Glad you are home. Hope the drs can help manage your pain. You're still in my prayers!