Monday, October 20, 2008

Grateful to be alive

It was a short weekend for me, but God totally showed me that He is still in control of my life and still has me on earth for a reason.
Saturday afternoon I was on my way to go shopping, and as I was stitting at a red light my car started making a funny noise. I turned off my car and let it sit for a moment, and I started my car back up just as the light turned green. Just as I started moving again, a truck ran the red light and was hit on it's side by a car, which sent the truck rolling and flying through the air. The truck rolled atleast 3 times before it came to a stop upright about 500 feet away from the orginal accident scene. Thankfully everyone walked away uninjured. I parked my car at a neaby business and ran to make sure everyone was OK, and I called 911, but an EMS truck was sitting at the light when the crash happened, so they were already there. I stayed to give my statement to the cop, and walked away feeling very lucky to be alive and blessed that my car was acting up in order to save my life, because I know that if I had gone on green I would have been the one hit. My car didn't act up for the rest of the day.

I didn't go to either church yesterday because my mom and I have come to the conclusion that my immune system is really bad, and being with people and in crowds will compromise my system and I have a high chance of getting sick again, and I don't want that. Other than going to theraphy today, baby-sitting tomorrow, and going to theraphy again of Thursday, I will not be getting out. Hopefully I will be well enough to go back to chuch next week.
My abdomen has been hurting all day, and even with morphine in me it is still hurting.

I still have no new news on Tricia, but please continue to keep her in your prayers as her and her family await the tests and dr's reports.

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