Friday, September 19, 2008

So much for today

So much has happened today, and I know I have alot of writing for today.

I went to the GI doctor this afternoon and played stump the Doctor and Nurse Practioner. The NP had never heard of VATERS syndrome and when she went to look it up in her medical enclyopedia it wasn't in there. I tried to tell her that but she didn't listen to me. I told her to look it up on google, and she found it. She then proceeded to tell me about a very new surgery that is supposedly being done at one of the hospitals in Austin, but couldn't remember the Dr.'s name that is doing it. Then the Dr. comes and and proceeds to tell me that he has no idea why I am having my symptoms/ problems and doesn't know what to do about them. How frustrating is that! I asked him for a prescrption for Percott, and he said that he doesn't have a license to write narcotic pain meds, and to find a pain management Dr. to write the script. WTH!!

He did write me a script for an anti-spasmatic drug, and when I took it to the pharmacy the pharmastist tells me that that drug had been pulled off the market years ago, and just recently put back on, but it was pulled because of the number of bad reactions from it, and the drug is about 100% more expensive than before it was pulled. Great! I have no insurance and am now in search of an extremly expensive and potential dangerous drug. I'm calling my Dr. back Monday morning to inform him of this change.

Now to Ike stuff. It is very depressing reading about the conditions on the coast and seeing the pics. I have some very amazing pics that I have fpund and will post, but first some info.

The city officals of Galveston and the Bolivar Pennisula are now saying that they think that some of their residents were washed out to sea and may never be found. And there have been survivors that have told them that they were riding out the storm with their friend(s) and the storm surge cam into/ up the house and pulled their friend(s) out to sea. How sad. There maybe hundreds of missing people that may never be found because they floated away. I hope and pray that this is not the case, but we may never know.

You may have heard about the lion that took refuge with her owner inside of a church. If you haven't here is the lion, Shackles:

Shackle, an 11-year-old African lioness lays on an alter at the First Baptist Church, Tuesday, Sept. 16, 2008, in Crystal Beach, Texas. The lion and her owner waded through Hurricane Ike flood waters to the church after they were unable to make it off Bolivar Peninsula prior to Ike's landfall. (AP)

Alot of animals have been displaced because of Ike. One example, a gator walking down the middle of a road:

What is one thing that can stop the clean-up process?

A pelican:

A brown pelican rests near the debris pile on Seawall Boulevard and 23rd Street in Galveston on Thursday. Volunteers with the Houston SPCA were called to catch the bird, which had halted the debris cleanup. Galveston County Daily News.

Below is a very powerful before and after picture from Crystal Beach, TX.

Some other before and after pics:


Ike will go down as being a very destructive storm and I hope that his name will be retired in memory of the 50+ (so far) people who have lost their lives because of him.
If you want to help, but don't know how, please check out the following websites of organzations that I support and doing things to help the survivors ( humans and animals) and evacuees of this storm and it's aftermath. - Mobile Loaves and Fishes - Austin RedCross Chapter - Capital Area Food Bank

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